Kinderpack Storage Strap - Classic Roll

Kinderpack Storage Strap - Classic Roll

The 'Classic Roll ' is the method of storage found in your Kinderpack user manual. This allows you to tightly roll your Kinderpack for placing in your diaper bag, under a stroller, or storage at home. 

Step 1: 

Lay your Kinderpack face up with all straps, buckles, and webbing loose. 
Step 1

Step 2: 

Fold in both sides of the waist band to meet their edges at the center. Also, bring the webbing up into the center of the panel.
Step 2

Step 3: 

Fold in the shoulder straps, face up, to the center of the body panel. You will have some "curling" at the edges of the panel. Make sure all webbing is tucked into the center under the straps.
Step 3

Step 4: 

Grab your headrest and tuck it under while rolling the body down towards the waist band. Tuck tightly with each roll to keep all components compact and together. Roll completely to the bottom!
Step 4

Step 5: 

Your storage strap should now be on the outside of your carrier like this! Hold your 'roll' tightly to keep it together and prepare the strap. 
Step 5

Step 6: 

Pull the elastic storage strap over the entire carrier. Be sure to place the strap in the center all the way around for the most secure hold! 
Step 6
Now your carrier is rolled securely for storage!! If you are looking for another way to roll your carrier, please check out:

The Bi-Fold
August 16, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
How to use the Kinderpack Storage Strap

How to use the Kinderpack Storage Strap

Have you been wondering what that long elastic strap that is sewn to the inside of your Kinderpack is? That, my friends, is your storage strap! This nifty little design is exclusive to Kinderpack and is a helpful way to keep your carrier organized for easy travel and storage.


There are 2 different ways you can roll your carrier for storage. The Classic Roll is the method that is mentioned in your user manual. Using this method can make your carrier into a neat little roll!

The second method is the Bi-Fold, created by one of our Kindercarry fans- Stephanie of Mama Cat, Steph. This leaves the carrier with a little more width, but puts the headrest on the outside so that you can easily see the carrier print! This way is Perfect for showing off your collection or to easily grab the correct carrier if you have more than one in the same colors!

Using either method to roll your storage strap will help to take up less space! This makes it easy to throw in many of the popular diaper bags, under your stroller, or store in your home! 

For more in depth directions: 

August 16, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
How to Breastfeed in your Kinderpack

How to Breastfeed in your Kinderpack

We are in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week 2017, a campaign promoting the support and protection of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and baby carrying go hand in hand as two biological norms that have tapered due to societal barriers. We at Kindercarry will continue to normalize breastfeeding by using nursing photos in our marketing materials and supporting our customers through their journey.

Here is a step by step tutorial showing "How to Breastfeed in your Kinderpack"

Breastfeed in Kinderpack - Loosen Shoulder Strap

1. Loosen the shoulder strap opposite the side you would like to nurse on.

Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Keep hand on baby

2. When you loosen any straps, always keep a hand on the baby for support as the carrier is no longer properly fitted. 

Breastfeeding in a Kinderpack - Loosen the waist belt

3. Loosen the waist belt just enough to move the carrier. Be sure to not loosen this too much and ALWAYS keep a hand on baby.

Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Shift baby to the side

4. Shift the entire carrier, including the baby, to the side on which you chose to breastfeed Don't forget to switch sides each time!

Breastfeeding in a Kinderpack- Latch

5. Latch baby! You can pull your breast of the top of your shirt.If you use the "two shirt method", be sure to pull up your top shirt before any tightening to make it easier for you!

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack- Adjust the baby

6. Check your latch. Breastfeeding in a carrier takes practice! If you have trouble getting baby to the right position you may need to adjust your shoulder straps further. You may need to hold your breast in place during your nursing session and that is OK!. Babywearing while feeding is not necessarily hands-free, but it can be similar to an extra hand!. **TIP** some wearers are able to use a rolled up wash cloth to prop up their breast and free up their hand. If at all you are having trouble getting into position, you may contact us for troubleshooting help!

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack - Tighten your straps

7. Once the baby is securely latched, happy, and nursing it is time to tighten up your carrier! First, tighten your waist belt nice and snug to your body to secure the seat. Keep one hand on baby to keep the latch.

breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Tighten shoulder straps

8. Tighten your loosened shoulder strap to comfort. You won't want to tighten this all the way as it can cause the baby to lose their latch, however, you can snug this up just a bit to bring baby closer to your body again. 

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack - You're all set!

9. You're ready to go!!! Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack can be a helpful way for you meet your baby's needs while tending to your other responsibilities!

Do you have any other tips for breastfeeding in your Kinderpack? 

August 02, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
My Kinderpack Adventures - Beach Weekend With Baby

My Kinderpack Adventures - Beach Weekend With Baby

Guest post by Laura Leigh Abby

Fire Island—a barrier island off the coast of long island—is sprinkled with beach towns that are the epitome of small-town summer; Think beach bungalows and charcoal grills, days in the waves and outdoor showers. It’s one of our family’s favorite summer spots, and we’ve made it an annual trip with our siblings and their kids. With the addition of two new babies, this year our crew was bursting out of our tiny little rental home, and with the mayhem came lots of laughs and incredible memories.

While the lack of cars on the island is part of its charm, the only downside of Fire Island is that most of it is only accessible by ferry, which means we must lug all of our groceries and belongings with us. Getting there with our 6-month-old son Quinn meant that this year, my wife Sam and I had our hands full.

We decided to fill Quinn’s stroller with many of our necessities—including wine and beer, of course—and I carried him onto the crowded ferry in his Kinderpack. He loved watching the water from the comfort of mom’s chest, and I loved being cool, comfortable and hands-free.

Laura Leigh Abby - The Abbys Babywearing- LGBT Moms Babywearing

Because it was Pride weekend in New York, our family decided to have our own Pride party on Fire Island, which is also famous for its LGBT communities. It was Quinn’s first pride, so along with his cousins and aunts and uncles, he celebrated with rainbow flags, rainbow temporary tattoos and other festive accessories. We are a two-mom household, and we want our son to celebrate diversity as much as we do. For now, meeting other families and going on adventures with our own is the best way to help our baby boy acclimate to a lifestyle that celebrates the unique attributes of every individual and family. Wearing Quinn has been a great way for us to go exploring with new and old friends, and he loves riding along on one of his moms.

Back Carrying in your Kinderpack- Babywearing at the Beach

On our last day on Fire Island we took a walk to the beach with Quinn and our four-year-old niece. “Quinn looks so cute in there!” She said. “My mom used to wear me everywhere.” She was right. Four years ago, when she was Quinn’s age and Sam and I were planning our wedding, our sister-in-law wore our niece onto the ferry for our yearly trip to the beach. Watching our family grow has brought us so much joy, and introducing our son to the places we love has been the blessing of a lifetime.

  Laura Leigh Abby - BabywearingLaura Leigh Abby is a writer and editor. A graduate of Emerson College, she received her MFA from the New School, where she was also chosen by essayist John D’Agata as the winner of the 2013 Alumni Chapbook Contest in nonfiction for her essay “Absolutely Fine."

Laura Leigh and her wife Samantha appeared on the second season of Bravo TV’s Newlyweds: The First Year and are both active in the LGBT community, most recently teaming up with the Family Equality Council, The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps, and the NYC LGBT Community Center.

Laura can be followed on her Instagram and Website


July 16, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
Babywearing and Camping with Kids

Camping with kids! (and how babywearing helps!)

 Camping with Kids- #MyKinderpack Adventures


The nights are warm, and a part deep inside of you yearns to sleep under the stars, and give your kids the experience you had as a child of doing just that. You think, Yes! Let's go camping! But unfortunately, the next immediate thought is: oh no, how do I do that with young children? This could be a nightmare and, just as soon as the thought came, you're trying to talk yourself out of it. DON'T! Camping with kids can be easy AND fun, for all involved!  Our friend Skylar is a single mom who takes her 4 children ages 3-8 camping all the time. Here are some tips to give you an idea of how she does it AND loves it!  

Camping with young children

Camping with Kids, where to begin? 

You may think you need fancy camping equipment and lots of it. This is not the case! When we "car camp" (camping where you pull up in your car, to your campsite), we pack light and bring the necessities and that's it! 

A quick example "car-camping essentials" list:

-Sleeping bags
-Air mattress(es) or sleeping pad(s) (this is mostly for me, if the ground is soft enough, my kids are happy in just their sleeping bags!) 
-And most importantly, a sense of adventure! 

Camping improves relationships!

I've seen it in my family. Something about quality time in nature is magical. Fighting stops, and a sense of exploration takes over. I encourage my kids to help with as much as possible as far as setting up camp. Teamwork is ever present, whether that's getting the easy pop up tent set up, or gathering kindling for the fire. 

That also goes for my relationship with my kids. I'm more patient in nature, more grounded. Meltdowns still exists, but something about the calming scenery make them better. Well that, and having my Kinderpack readily available. Sometimes the big kid falls and gets a scrape, but you still need to play with the big-ER kid too! 

The food is delicious too... 

Something about fire roasted hotdogs and marshmallows just fills the stomach and the soul. Sometimes we go easy and use dehydrated meals so all we have to do is boil water. Sometimes I get extra fancy and meal plan foil packet dinners. Usually its Hot dogs. And of course inevitably, the baby needs to have cuddles while I'm trying to make dinner. That is, a universal constant, indoors our outdoors. 

My kids seem to be less picky while camping. Hot dogs, baked beans, and watermelon? Sounds good mom! And it is good, mmmm. 

And who can forget the most important food of camping: SMORES! My kids favorite part. The older kids roast marshmallows with such concentration and determination, while the younger kids watch in awe and ask "Burn mine!"


The magic of it all!

One common concern I hear is "I wonder if my kids will be bored?" In this technological age, it can indeed be a concern! But children love experiencing new things. Checking out the creek for mountain bugs. Playing hide and seek where there's infinite hiding spaces. One of my favorite activities is a simple card game! 

Depending upon where you live, you just might even come into contact with wildlife. Everything from a brave squirrel trying to steal some human food, up to our family's favorite: a moose! Its a great teaching experience for children to understand that wild animals are just that; wild. We need to recognize we are visiting THIER home, and need to give them space. 

The most important thing...

After everything winds down, I like to sit by the smoldering fire and reflect on the day. Camping is some of the best quality time I have with my kids. I cherish every trip we go on. I love that its a fairly cheap family activity, yet rich with substance. I see the happiness on my kids faces, and I know that any stress there is in making the trip successful, is well worth it. 

-Share your camping tips and adventures with us! Tag us on social media with #MyKinderpackAdventures for a chance to win monthly prizes. 

June 04, 2017 by Dave Scarpitta
Kindercarry Rewards - Referral Program

Kindercarry Rewards - Referral Program

We are so excited to introduce Kindercarry's "Refer a Friend" Program! Now when you tell your friends about your favorite baby carrier, you'll be rewarded with helping out a friend AND some sweet discounts. 

Your Kindercarry Account is linked to the rewards program. If you already have an account, you're ready to begin earning points! If you do not have an account, be sure to set one up and get started. 

Rewards Sign Up

How to earn points

  • You can earn 5 points right off the bat by simply sharing the website through the rewards program to your Facebook page. This action is a bonus and can only be used once.

  • For every $1 you spend at Kindercarry, you will receive 1 point.  Fine print- points can not be applied retroactively (program begins 5/28/17). You can earn points from any purchase, including wrap conversions. 

  • For every $1 your friend spends using your unique link, you will earn 1 point.  Fine print- Friend referred must be NEW to Kindercarry and not have previously made a purchase. The link can only be used once per person. 

 Kinderpack Affiliate program


The fun part- REWARDS!

  • 150 points gets you a $10 coupon

  • 300 points gets you a $25 coupon

  • 500 points gets you a $50 coupon

  • 1100 points will get you a FREE KINDERPACK (you read that right!!)

    Fine print- rewards excludes wrap conversion Kinderpacks. You can earn points by purchasing those, but you can not redeem points for them. Sorry!! 


The program is pretty easy to follow. We hope that you enjoy this perk and continue to share the Kinderpack love with your friends and family. Word of mouth is how so many caregivers find the products they love!

May 28, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
What is a Wrap Conversion Kinderpack?

What is a Wrap Conversion Kinderpack?

Since the recent addition of the wrap conversion Kinderpack carriers, we have received a number of questions asking what exactly makes them so special! First and foremost, all Kinderpack carriers are made with the same unique 3-panel body design conceptualized by owner, Melissa. No matter which style you choose you will always get the quality product you've grown to love. 

Kinderpack Canvas vs Wrap conversion comparison
          Prim & Poppy Canvas                  Tekhni Alpha Wrap Conversion

So what exactly IS the difference?

It's all in the fabric, my friends. The canvas Kinderpacks are made with our signature brushed canvas and premium quality cotton prints.The wrap conversion carriers are made with woven wrap material.  A woven wrap is a length of fabric that is made specifically to carry the weight of a baby. We take the popular woven wraps and make them into Kinderpack carriers in the same way we make the canvas.

woven wrap conversion carrier                         Snow Rainbow Woven Wrap                    Snow Rainbow Conversion

What are the Different Types of Wrap Conversions?

The types of wrap conversions we offer are Semi with Koolnit, Half with Koolnit, & very limited amounts of Full Panel. All of these options are backed with our brushed canvas. 

Semi with Koolnit- wrap on the outer panels of the body, Koolnit in the center; and canvas straps and waistband. 

Half with Koolnit- wrap on the outer panel of the body, Koolnit in the center; and wrap on the outside of the straps and waistband. 

Half Full Panel - wrap on all three panels of the body and the outside of the straps and waistband. This option is still backed with canvas and will only be available in very limited quantities (we still haven't released one yet!). 
              Semi Wrap Conversion                   Half Wrap Conversion

What about the pricing?

Pricing for these special beauties will vary depending on the cost of wrap material and how much of the wrap is used (Semi, Half, Full Panel). Some woven wraps are very limited because they are handwoven by one weaver using premium quality yarns. Some wraps also have fancier fiber content (silk, wool) or might be hand dyed! We take all of these factors into account when deciding the pricing, but aim to keep our wrap conversions competitive with the current market. 

How do I get a Wrap Conversion?

As with all Kinderpack carriers, our wrap conversions are handcrafted in small batches in the USA. We have a limited amount of sewists that are approved for making these special beauties so they will take a little more time. We don't currently have a specific day of the week that we will stock so be sure to follow us on Facebook where we announce all stockings one day prior. *Some stockings of very limited carriers will be posted on the page in the fastest fingers method. Be sure to have your notifications set to receive alerts when we post!!

May 27, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
Holy Wrap Conversion Kinderpack's Batman

Holy Wrap Conversion Kinderpack's Batman

Our customers have begged and pleaded for wrap conversion Kinderpack carriers for what feels like forever and we've put it on the back burner for just as long. After some stalking in the handwoven groups and teasing her with tags on images of beautiful textiles,  Melissa is finally ready to come to the dark side! KINDERPACK WRAP CONVERSIONS ARE COMING!!!!!

Tell us what you think. 

April 01, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
#KinderpackCrew - Kinderpack Ambassador Program

#KinderpackCrew - Kinderpack Ambassador Program

A blurred image of mom's hiking while carrying their babies on their back with a Kinderpack carrier. A text box with an outline says Kindercarry Brand Ambassadors

We realize that our biggest supporters are also our biggest asset and we want to reward you! We are excited to begin the process of selecting a mixture of loyal fans and social media influencers to work alongside us while we build community through the #KinderpackCrew, Kindercarry's Brand Ambassador program.

If you are passionate about sharing your favorite products and are a Kinderpack fan, we want to hear from you! Here is what we are looking for in a crew member:

  • Active on multiple social media accounts and online groups 
  • Passionate about building and maintaining relationships
  • Natural leadership skills
  • Basic understanding of SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) use

Bonus skills- Not necessary to apply, but can make your application stand out!

  • Photography and/or Video Skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Knowledgeable about the babywearing industry
  • Active in the Juvenile or Parenting community with a Rolodex of contacts
If you think you fit the description above, we would love for you to fill out the application below.  Questions about the program? Email - 

March 28, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
Kinderpack and Friends Giveaway

Kinderpack and Friends Giveaway

Kinderpack Giveaway


The Kindercarry team is excited about being so close to a huge milestone on our Facebook page. Our goal is to have 50,000 friends following our page and we are only a few hundred away. Here is where you come in! We need our biggest fans to help us get there by sharing and inviting babywearing friends and new parents to see #WhyKinderpack. Once we hit our goal, we will reward you with a special giveaway worth $400!

Prize Pack

  • A Kinderpack Baby Carrier from in stock prints in your choice of size
  • A Tasku Babi babywearing coat - black with baby blue fleece lining
  • A Pair of Ro.Sham.Bo baby unbreakable Sunglasses in your choice of color
  • A custom designed Chompy Chic Chewlery to match your new Kinderpack


 About the companies

Kinderpack Logo. A yellow bird with a multi-colored wing in teal, orange, maroon, green, and yellow. The word Kinderpack is under the bird in Maroon.

  • Our carriers are made with love in the USA creating jobs for the local economy as well as stay at home parents! 
  • We offer dual adjust buckles as well as perfect fit adjusters for a completely customizable fit! 
  • Our carriers range in sizes to fit from newborn (without an insert!) to preschooler! 
  • We offer 2 strap sizes for wearers comfort.
  • Selection of full panel designs as well as Koolnit mesh for breathability.

  • Stylish accessories for teething, nursing, and babywearing.   
  • The products are made from 100% food grade silicone
  • BPA, lead free and natural hard wood maple .  
Use code KINDERCARRY for 25% off order of $15 or more during the giveaway. 

 Tasku Babi Logo

  • One of the best selling coats from Tasku Babi, this Black Winter Coat with Baby Blue fleece lining is bound to be one of the warmest coats you will ever own - whether babywearing or not.
  • It has a 250 gram /sq meter microfiber fill and an additional inner fleece lining. Wear it alone, while pregnant or while babywearing over your Kinderpack! 
  • made in factories with fair employment practices
  • Vegan!! - this coat does not use any animal fibers or materials

Ro Sham Bo Baby unbreakable kids sunglasses
  • made in Italy like your designer shades.
  • our material is specially designed with babies in mind: durable, flexible, chewable, light, and comfortable
  • nearly indestructible: full damage and lens replacement guarantee. 
  • certified bpa and phthalate free and small parts tested.
  • we mold our logos into our design to eliminate unnecessary paint.
  • 100% uva/uvb lens protection.
  • all packaging made in the US of food grade material.
  • prescription-ready!!
  • most importantly, you are helping support the autism research institute with every purchase.



Kindercarry's 50K Likes Celebration!

February 03, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar