Collage of directions for using your Kinderpack hood. Text reads How to use your Kinderpack hood.


Every Kinderpack carrier comes with an attached hood tucked into the headrest pocket. Your full panel carrier has a hood in the same fabric as the rest of the body. Your Kinderpack with Koolnit will have a hood in the Koolnit fabric.

One of the most asked questions we receive from new Kinderpackers is, "How do I use the hood correctly?" In just a few simple steps, you can have the best fit on your hood and have your child well supported during a nap or shielded from the elements. 


Pull the hood out of the pocket inside the curved headrest
Model is reaching into the headrest of the Kinderpack to pull out the hood


Unroll the hood and all of the webbing. You may need to loosen your webbing.
Model is unrolling the fabric hood and webbing of the Kinderpack carrier


Pull the hood over your child's head making sure that your webbing is not twisted.
Model is pulling the fabric hood over the child's head to ensure that the webbing is not rolled and fabric is correctly placed.


Clip each buckle piece into the respective piece on the top of your shoulder straps. 
Model is clipping the buckles on the webbing in to the buckle on the top of the shoulder strap


Pull downward on webbing to tighten until the hood securely supports your child's head.
Model is pulls down on the webbing to tighten the straps of the hood for a perfect fit.


Check that your child is resting on your chest and that their airway is clear. You should be able to get two fingers under their chin and the straps should not cover their face.  
The child is sleeping with their head on mom's chest The hood is keeping their head supported. Their airway is clear and you can see his or her face.

If you are still having trouble with fitting your hood, please feel free to email us for more help.

**The carrier print shown in this tutorial is Kinderpack Juniper**

December 17, 2016 — Kristina Pulistar