Kindercarry and Military

Kindercarry and our employees have always had gratitude for the service men and women who carry out their duties to ensure our freedoms. That of course, extends to the military spouses, who for months or even years may need to carry the household alone. We know babywearing can be an integral part of that and are delighted that we can help make the lives of military spouses a little easier. Their sacrifice, as well as their enlisted spouses, does not go unrecognized. 


Our newest military inspired print Kinderpack, Command, features stars on colored circles in shades of green, orange, blue, yellow, gray, black, and white. Our model Misty is a military spouse. Her husband Patrick was in the Marine Corps for 8 years. He served two tours in Iraq and is a combat veteran with a Purple Heart. We are honored to feature them and their service, alongside our new Kinderpack Command.



Kindercarry and Kinderpack are so proud to support military families by partnering with an amazing non-profit, The Carrying On Project. The goal of the Carrying On Project is to help get carriers to the families of our military so that they may better obtain secure attachments with their children, something that deployment and injuries will often interrupt.  This is an important effort and we donate Kinderpack carriers periodically to them to allocate to military families in need. 

With our release of Command, we have decided to donate several Kinderpacks in this special print to TCOP. They will then choose families in need who would benefit from the gift of babywearing with Kinderpack! 

Please consider helping TCOP in their efforts by donating directly to their cause.  They are doing very important work!

January 07, 2017 — Skylar Saunders