Too Big For A Baby Carrier? - Child Carrying #IBW2018

Too Big For A Baby Carrier? - Child Carrying #IBW2018

Childwearing calms tired little ones and allows for bigger adventures.  I cannot count the ways that our lives are better now because of easy access to preschool carriers.
October 06, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
Why I Still Carry My Toddler - #IBW2018

Why I Still Carry My Toddler - #IBW2018

I’m really sentimental. And I’m still on my first kid. Three years ago I faced the worst of my Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety. The only moments I enjoyed that first year with my son were wearing him.....
October 05, 2018 by Stephanie Affa
Babywearing past One Year Old - #IBW2018

Babywearing past One Year Old - #IBW2018

Wearing your baby past infancy can have many benefits. Find out why we offer 4 sizes of Kinderpack Baby Carriers, and features you will find in our larger sizes. 
October 04, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
Infant Size Kinderpack Baby Carrier

Infant Size Kinderpack Baby Carrier

Kinderpack Baby Carriers are designed and made in the USA by a team of sewists local to our headquarters in Godfrey, Illinois. Each carrier is hand cut and sewn by these experts giving you a special way to carry your child from birth through preschool! 

Our Infant Kinderpack was the first Soft Structured Buckle Baby Carrier on the US market made to be insert-less with an adjustable panel base. This adjustable base allows the carrier to cinch down enough to fit a newborn baby at 22" and 8lbs. Simply fold over the fabric flaps that are attached to the waistband and the front of the carrier the pull the cinch strap as needed. This unique adjuster allows the wearer to incrementally adjust the width giving your baby a customized seat that covers from knee to knee at every stage through 35 lbs! 

Infant Kinderpack w Koolnit

Another feature of the Kinderpack Baby Carrier is the three-panel body design. The  carriers are sewn to curve and mold to the baby's body. The contoured design hugs the baby tightly and leaving no gaping at the sides of the panel for the most secure and comfortable carry. 

As with all of our models, the Infant Kinderpack comes with two options for strap size, Standard Straps & Plus Straps,  to also give the wearer the most comfortable and customized fit.

To celebrate International Babywearing Week, this week, we will be offering a 20% discount on the featured size of the day. Today's featured size is Infant size.  Please use code 20KPINFANT on the checkout screen to claim your discount! 

To see what prints fit your style, check them out here!


October 03, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
Why Using A Baby Carrier Makes Breastfeeding Easier

Why Using A Baby Carrier Makes Breastfeeding Easier

A baby carrier is one of the best tools for supporting a breastfeeding relationship. While there are many benefits to using a carrier, evidence shows that by using a baby carrier, you are likely to breastfeed your baby for a longer period of time. Here are three reasons why wearing baby increases breastfeeding duration:


The closeness created by baby in a carrier is the primary reason why breastfeeding duration is increased. More frequent latching and feeding sends messages to make more milk, and the body responds accordingly. Breastfeeding on demand and when baby cues, rather than a set schedule, also lends itself to keeping a robust supply, and in turn that supports the length of the breastfeeding relationship. You are more likely to feed baby before they get over-hungry as well, creating an overall more peaceful routine for everyone.


After birth, baby is placed skin to skin, also known as Kangaroo Care. Evidence shows this is beneficial to both premature and full-term healthy babies, not just physically, but emotionally and socially. Oxytocin is released, creating those important feelings of bonding and a sense of calm, not just for baby, but for the birthing person as well. When it comes to breastfeeding, oxytocin plays an important role, as it’s what drives your let down reflex.  Kangaroo Care is often seen as being just after birth, but it continues to have a benefit beyond that, and carrying is the natural next step. A carrier is one of the best ways to make touch and interaction, also important for baby’s brain, a regular part of your day to day routine. Your touch reminds baby you are there, creates trust, and that secure and healthy attachment will benefit them the rest of their lives. The desire to kiss your baby even serves a purpose, to sample the germs on your baby’s head, and create the perfect antibodies in your milk to fight those pathogens.


Keeping your baby close means smelling your baby, a large influence on our ability to bond. While even scientists don’t understand completely how complex this exchange is, we do know that smelling a baby, particularly a newborn, activates reward-related parts of the brain in women. Even if they’ve never given birth. Babies also know the smell of their mother and their milk specifically, another clue along with their small stomach size, that keeping them close and feeding frequently is what we are designed to do.

Pisacane A, Continisio P, Filosa C, Tagliamonte V, Continisio GI. Use of baby carriers to increase breastfeeding duration among term infants: the effects of an educational intervention in Italy. Acta Paediatr Oslo Nor 1992.
Bergman NJ. Neonatal stomach volume and physiology suggest feeding at 1-h intervals. Acta Paediatr Oslo Nor 1992.
Johan N. Lundström, Annegret Mathe, Benoist Schaal, Johannes Frasnelli, Katharina Nitzsche, Johannes Gerber and Thomas Hummel. Maternal status regulates cortical responses to the body odor of newborns. Front. Psychol., 05 September 2013.
Alison B. Wismer Fries, Toni E. Ziegler, Joseph R. Kurian, Steve Jacoris, and Seth D. Pollak. Early experience in humans is associated with changes in neuropeptides critical for regulating social behavior. PNAS November 22, 2005.

Laura Brown - Babywearing Educator

Laura is a multifaceted educator for parents from pregnancy & beyond. With ten years of experience teaching, Laura has become a trusted source of knowledge allowing her to speak or write confidently in a variety of babywearing & postpartum related subjects.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Dave & four children. She loves coffee & Disney days & is passionate about helping parents become more confident through her nonprofit, BabywearingLA

Laura Brown - Babywearing Consultant, Full Spectrum Doula, Lactation Educator, Kangaroo Care Certified & Child Passenger Safety Technician

Website      Facebook      Instagram 

August 05, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
Halloween Babywearing - Baby Carrier Costumes

Halloween Babywearing - Baby Carrier Costumes

We asked in our Facebook Chatter Group for your best Halloween Babywearing costumes from previous years and you didn't disappoint! From slipping on a decorated Tshirt to extravagantly pieced together accessories- there are options for every budget and ability. We've put together our favorites to spark your creativity and give you inspiration for this year's festivities. 

Before we get to the goods, here are some important points to remember when using your baby carrier as part of your costume: 

1. "Visible and Kissable" - always make sure your baby is high enough on your body that you can monitor their needs, temperature, and airway. If you can easily kiss the top of their head, you are good to go! 
2. Follow manufacturers instructions - Kinderpack Baby Carriers do not forward face, please do not use your Kinderpack in this way. Please do not modify your Kinderpack in a way that alters the integrity - this can affect the function and will void your warranty

The Cowardly Lion 
Photo Credit: Michelle G 

Photo Credit: Bree K - @breekrez
Green Pig - Angry Birds
Photo Credit: Melissa F

Baby Football
Photo Credit: Allison A.

Ninja Turtle Family
Photo Credit: Pamela L.

Pirate and Parrot
Photo Credit: Stephanie D. - @Bsquaredmom

Have a great Halloween costume planned? Show us for a chance to be featured! Use Hashtag #KinderpackTrickOrTreat on Instagram and Twitter or Share it on the wall on Facebook!
October 14, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
International Babywearing Week 2017 Stories!

International Babywearing Week 2017 Stories!

Kindercarry is celebrating IBW 2017!

Once a year in October, Babywearing International designates a week to be International Babywearing Week. This year, it is October 2-8. "The mission of Babywearing International is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support. International Babywearing Week is a week-long advocacy event dedicated to promoting awareness of babywearing through local and online celebrations, media awareness, and educational activities. Through this event, we hope to promote babywearing as a practice that benefits caregivers and children." 

Threaded Together

"The theme for International Babywearing Week’s  ninth annual celebration is Threaded Together. The inspiration for the theme comes from the many different threads that when combined through the weaving process form all of the carriers we use. All of these individual threads, once woven, create a material in the same way individuals and groups worldwide come together to create a global babywearing community."

In celebration of this, we asked in our Chatter group for our fans all around the world to share their babywearing journeys with us. In our community, Kinderpacks are the common thread, and we wanted to learn how your Kinderpacks help you in your daily lives! we hope you enjoy these stories and reviews!


"I babywear because without it I would've lost myself to my Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety. It allowed me to be free while still being there for my son. It allowed me to still be there for myself, my husband and my son. In my daily life it helps me go out without worrying about my son running around touching everything everywhere we go. I choose Kinderpacks because every other carrier I tried, exacerbated my chronic back pain from my epidural, and I'm convinced that with any other carrier my back pain would have never gone away. I also choose Kinderpacks because I love that they're made from a WAHP business. I can see the love and craft that goes into Kinderpacks. And for that reason I love babywearing and I love my Kinderpacks" 


"My babywearing journey began with my first baby. After 2 months of sitting around doing nothing but breastfeeding, I decided that I needed to start getting a few things done around the house. I started with an ergo (i.e the gateway carrier). I was drawn to the Kinderpack initially because of the awesome prints, but once I got past the "what the heck do all these straps do." I was hooked! When I had my son, I had 2 babies under 2. He lived in a carrier! Fast forward a year and some months. We've learned he has a sensory processing disorder. He's often inconsolable and it can even get to the point where he is banging his head. Going "up" in the "pack pack" is one of the fastest and easiest ways to calm him down. It's essential for trips to the grocery and just when we're "having a sensory day." Now that he's a big boy I can't tell you how thankful I am to have a comfortable carrier(s), because let's face it, you can't have just one 😂, that is/are big enough for him. 💗"


"As the first commenter, babywearing saved me from PPD and PPA. We first learned of KP however, when my firstborn was 3. She has sensory issues and a friend told me about the preschool sized KP. It was amazing and helped us through many overload meltdowns! Then little sister came along and I tandem wore which helped my oldest adjust to a new baby in the house. Now we have our third. A little baby boy. KP saved us last weekend. I became painfully ill and landed in the ER. My husband got a quick how to lesson and is thankful for KP. Before we knew it, I was transferred to another hospital for immediate surgery. Our infant KP helped my husband keep baby calm and happy while juggling our two girls. After my surgery, my husband said he didn't know how he would have been able to handle things if it wasn't for the KP! We are KP'ers for life!"


"Before baby was born, everyone told me to buy a Tula. So I did. We were getting ready to go hiking in the Smokey Mountains, so I took my Tula to a local babywearing group, and asked for help fitting her into it. They told me I needed to use the insert, but didn't have one available to rent. So, I asked what I could use instead. They offered me a Kinderpack, and I was instantly hooked! We took it up hiking in the mountains, and have used it almost every day since! It is just so comfy and easy to use!

I babywear to get things done. It is so much easier, and soothing (for me and baby) than using the stroller, especially when grocery shopping! I also love to babywear because I love hiking. The Kinderpack is so comfy. My LO (little one) loves to look around and enjoy the sights, and then fall asleep when she is ready. She sleeps so much better in the Kinderpack than anywhere else!

I have been renting from our babywearing group for a month now, but I am ready to purchase my own. I'm just trying to decide if I can wait a little while longer on the super cute watercolor planets pattern that is coming soon, or if I will get the Constellations pattern that glows in the dark! This momma loves the space themes! Maybe I'll just have to get them both!

Thank you Kinderpack for allowing me such a sweet bonding opportunity with my daughter during these precious years of her life! I'm looking forward to many years on this babywearing journey!"


"I wear because I love keeping my babies close when they are little. As they have grown I wear to help with safety, naps, tired feet, and even tantrums (usually because of tiredness or hunger). It gives my children the ability to feel safe and aware of the world around them. I love using Kinderpack so I have hands free for the other children. 

Mommin' like a boss."


"We choose to baby wear because we have stuff to do! We're always on the go. We brought our toddler KP with us to the UK and we were able to do everything we wanted! It was awesome not lugging a huge stroller around. My son always wanted to be held and wearing him allowed me to accomplish some of the things I wanted while still giving him what he needed. One thing I love about the kp is the waist clip. I find that the placement in the center is more flattering and I feel more comfortable wearing him on my back vs other carriers. Our daughter is 7 weeks old and loves her infant KP which is a good thing because we need to wear her to keep up with her brother. I've also found it incredibly easy to breastfeed in the KPs. Next summer both kids will be spending lots of time in their KP's as we tackle another big military move."


"Babywearing (toddler wearing in my case haha) is suuuper helpful in places where I have to contain Maddux! He runs away ALL THE TIME (see pic). The kinderpack is so comfy and are so cute!" 


"I started babywearing with my first when he was close to 1. I had resisted it before, trying to avoid practicing attachment parenting. Finally I embraced my intuition and used facets of AP in my parenting. As someone with mild to moderate anxiety, especially post partum, babywearing has been a key tool in helping me function. Plus I love being able to nurse in the Kinderpack easily and without slowing everything down. We love adventures and the KP makes getting out with a little person doable. The KP is beautiful, so comfortable, and more durable than I would have guessed. It's my favorite carrier."


"My best friend turned me on to KP after I realized my baby still thought we were one person and refused to be put down EVER. Kinderpacks have change my life- I no longer stress about what to do with my girl when we are out shopping, walking the dogs or out and about while she needs a nap. I love having her close and knowing she is happy. I even wear her while I work and it would be impossible to get things done one-handed... plus nobody asks to hold your baby when they are tucked away in the KP!"


"Baby #1 I dabbled in babywearing. My baby was "so clingy and needy...." or so I thought. Turns out, babies just like to be held and nursed way more than I ever realized  I didn't know much about baby wearing and it hurt my back so I eventually quit until my little could go on my back (around 11 months.) When my boy outgrew my Boba, I tried a Tula from a local babywearing library and didn't love it. It hurt my back too. When I shared this with the baby wearing group, several people mentioned I should try a Kinderpack. The lending library didn't have a toddler sized. So I bought one off the BST page and LOVED all the fun prints. 

Fast forward to baby #2, and i knew babywearing was LIFE 😂 As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was scouring the BST pages for an infant Kinderpack. We baby wear everywhere. Even skipped an infant bucket car seat seat opting for a convertible car seat and babywearing instead."


"I have been babywearing for over 7 years now. I had my first 2 children in less than a year, and knew it would be a necessary tool for survival. I was an avid woven wrap user, before I found the ease and comfort of SSC's. I tried every brand out there, and finally came upon Kinderpack. All other carriers were "OK" until about 30 minutes and then my body started to protest. Shoulder pain, back pain, and usually my baby wasn't thrilled either. I have a back back from years of high level sports, and I thought 30 minutes was just all I would get. Then I tried Kinderpack and I got HOURS of pain free babywearing, and my baby was the happiest in that carrier as well! I was on cloud 9! At this point I also had a toddler, and with the larger sizes Kindercarry made, I took advantage of that and was able to wear both of them at the same time! My life was forever changed. Baby #4 is my last, and at a tall 3.5 years old, we are in the largest preschool size. But to this day, she will still ask for her "pinderpack" and it's still a NECESSARY tool for almost any major outing (theme park, zoo, even a hike lasting more than a mile!). The Kinderpack has taken us all places we surely would have never been able to go without it!" 

We Kinderpack together

The common thread in all of these stories is of course that all of these caregivers have chosen not just babywearing, but Kinderpacks to hold their children close. As always, here at Kindercarry, we are humbled and grateful for your support of our small business. We are still WAHP (Work at Home Parent) made and family-owned. We are truly in awe of the stories and how many lives have been made better by using our baby carrier. Feel free to share your Kinderpack story below in the comments, or on social media with #MyKinderpackAdventures -  IBW is the PERFECT time to share how babywearing and your Kinderpack has affected your life as a caregiver! 

October 07, 2017 by Skylar Saunders
What's the difference between Full panel & Koolnit?

What's the difference between Full panel & Koolnit?

 Here at Kindercarry, we listen to our customer needs with two styles of carriers. We offer a Full Panel (or full print fabric) option during the cooler months and a Koolnit breathable mesh is offered during the warmer months. 

Our full panel design is what some people think of traditionally when they think of Soft Structured Baby Carriers. Kinderpack has a unique design to set us apart from the competition. The contouring 3-panel design! This special design allows us to switch out the center panel with 2 layers of supportive mesh, or Koolnit.

Another major difference between the two styles is the included hood. On our Koolnit Kinderpacks (pictured above) you have a flat hood, which acts as a head support and shade for a sleeping child. (all the children in the picture above are sleeping soundly!) The hood on the full panels is very different. It is a hoodie hood, or aviator styled hood (pictured below), and is made from the same fabric print. It provides more full coverage and is warmer than the Koolnit hood. 

Many prints are available in BOTH Koolnit and full panel. Some, however, only come in Koolnit or alternatively in full panel. This could be due to the limited supply of fabric, wanting a print to be aesthetically pleasing while working around our 3-panel design. Both styles can be utilized any time of the year.


Choose Koolnit if :
  • You enjoy breathability. This may be because of a hot-natured child or because you are an avid hiker and need the extra airflow. 

Choose Full Panel if:
  • You might need the warmth of the extra layers provided by the hoodie hood tucked in the headrest pocket.
  • Aesthetically, You really love the print and want full coverage! 

So now that you know the difference, which is your favorite? Do you have a certain print you have been waiting on to return (or come out!) in full panel or Koolnit? Comment them below or email us at! And check out our selection of both full panels AND Koolnit Kinderpack's here!

August 30, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar
Earn a FREE KINDERPACK- Customize Your Refer-a-Friend Rewards Cards!

Earn a FREE KINDERPACK- Customize Your Refer-a-Friend Rewards Cards!

Today's blog post is a mix of crafting/earning KP cash/ and spreading the KP love! In case you didn't hear, Kindercarry has a new referral program! It's super awesome and easy to use. When you sign up for an account with Kindercarry, you earn points for every purchase you make. You ALSO earn points for any purchases a friend makes using your unique referral link. We sweetened the pot for your friends by giving them a Kinderpack Coupon for $10 off their first carrier! Your link can be found here on the referral page (keep in mind each link is individual and yours will be different from the one below):

This link can, of course, be copied and pasted anywhere on the internet, in a text message, or any other way you'd like to electronically send it to a friend. But we thought it might be nice to have a hard copy to give to someone while they are asking you what carrier you have on! So we introduce our version of the "pass-along" card:
Kindercarry's Refer-a-friend cards!

These cards come double sided and are high quality! On the front they say "Hey fellow babywearer, you rock!". On the back, they say "Check out for more info on my favorite baby carrier! Made in the USA, most comfortable, newborn to big kid, awesome designs. When you're ready to get one for yourself, use this URL and get $10 off!" Then there is a blank space for your UNIQUE referral link!

Now heres where the somewhat crafting part comes in. You can write out your link on the cards, but this might take more time, and undoubtedly a case of writers cramp. The next best thing we came up with is clear return labels from Avery.

This is a super inexpensive way to get your custom link, onto your cards! It's super easy since offers a free template for this label. Input your link, stick the sheet of labels in your printer, make sure you UNcheck "fit to page", and PRINT! 

This is an excellent, low-cost way to earn LOTS of refer-a-friend points which of course ultimately earns YOU big discounts and even a free Kinderpack! Remember, the cards themselves are free (we just ask that you pay shipping which is $.70 for a pack of 10 cards) as we want to help you spread the KP love! 

We have one other option for you as well! If you prefer to print your own cards with your custom link already on them, you are of course welcome to do that as well! Here are the full quality card templates, and we have included a few more front sides that apply to more situations! Feel free to use any and all! 


What do you think about our refer-a-friend cards? Do you think you will use them? Do you have any suggestions for any other different styles of cards? Leave a comment below! 
August 19, 2017 by Skylar Saunders
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Kinderpack Storage Strap- Bi Fold

Kinderpack Storage Strap- Bi Fold

The 'Bi Fold ' is a method of storage created by a Kinderpack fan! Stephanie, of Mama Cat, Steph, has shared her method with us so that we can share with you! This is a great way to fold if you like to show off your collection of prints OR if you happen to have a few carriers in the same canvas color you can easily spot the one you are looking for without having to unroll multiples! 

Step 1: 

Lay your Kinderpack face up with all straps, buckles, and webbing loose. 
Step 1

Step 2: 

Fold in both sides of the waist band to meet their edges at the center. Also, bring the webbing up into the center of the panel.
Step 2

Step 3: 

Fold in the shoulder straps, face up, to the center of the body panel. You will have some "curling" at the edges of the panel. Make sure all webbing is tucked into the center under the straps.
Step 3

Step 4: 

Fold up your waistband so that it meets the center of your body panel. The warning label will be facing up (and upside down!) if you did this step correctly. 
step 4

Step 5: 

Fold down the headrest to meet the bottom edge of the waist band that you folded up. Your storage strap will be hanging down at this point. 
step 5

Step 6: 

Pull the elastic storage strap over the entire carrier. Be sure to place the strap in the center all the way around for the most secure hold! 
step 6
Now your carrier is rolled securely for storage!! If you are looking for another way to roll your carrier, please check out:
August 16, 2017 by Kristina Pulistar