About Us

Welcome to Kindercarry!

We are a small, family run business in Godfrey, Illinois, which is near St. Louis, MO.

Our in house team consists of myself, Melissa (or Mel), my husband Mark, and our in-shop assistants, Angela, Alex, Megan, Emily, and Derek (my baby brother!). We love our wonderful customer service manager, Skylar, and Kristina, our marketing and social media manager, both who work at home. Our work-at-home sewing staff consists of 2 husband and wife teams that each work together to create our carriers.  Even the KinderKids (Mel's girls) pitch in to help with various tasks.  We are a family business and all carriers are made here in Illinois/Missouri within 3 counties!

From Mel, the owner:

I have been making baby carriers for over 10 years.  I started out under the name Magic Sling in 2005. I made budget conscious carriers in the basement of my house. I made ring slings, mei tais, and onbus, as well as an ssc hip carrier with a ring sling shoulder- the Sling Tai.  My family enjoyed moderate success with Magic Sling, but it wasn't yet a full time job.  In 2007, I was noticing a trend moving more toward higher end mei tais, and with this I undertook a rebranding.  This was the beginning of Kindercarry!

We started off making luxury custom mei tais- the Kindercarry.  My passion for all types of carriers also led me to design a podaegi- the Kinderpod, which is a lesser known Korean style carrier.  Again, the trends were shifting- this time from mei tais to soft structured carriers.  I had the design for the Kinderpack in my mind for at least a year before putting pencil to paper.  I wanted to take my experience in fashion design (my life for the 10 years previous to Magic Sling) and apply it to an ssc.  Several brands were making ssc body panels with darts to shape the panel around the baby's bottom.  I knew there had to be a better fit that would foster the "M" form of legs and bottom that create the least amount of pressure on baby's developing spine and hip joints.  A deep seat was needed to accomplish this.  It also needed to be easy to get a deep seat, right out of the package.  I took my knowledge of dress design and applied it to a carrier body, utilizing a princess seam that is used to shape the bust area on a bodice, and inverting it to create a bottom shaping silhouette.  VOILA!  Kinderpack was born!  Kinderpack was the first carrier of it's kind, and we continue to innovate as we move forward with our unique business model. Our company has had enormous growth every year, and it is all because of our wonderful customers!

Thanks so much!