Since the recent addition of the wrap conversion Kinderpack carriers, we have received a number of questions asking what exactly makes them so special! First and foremost, all Kinderpack carriers are made with the same unique 3-panel body design conceptualized by owner, Melissa. No matter which style you choose you will always get the quality product you've grown to love. 

Kinderpack Canvas vs Wrap conversion comparison
          Prim & Poppy Canvas                  Tekhni Alpha Wrap Conversion

So what exactly IS the difference?

It's all in the fabric, my friends. The canvas Kinderpacks are made with our signature brushed canvas and premium quality cotton prints.The wrap conversion carriers are made with woven wrap material.  A woven wrap is a length of fabric that is made specifically to carry the weight of a baby. We take the popular woven wraps and make them into Kinderpack carriers in the same way we make the canvas.

woven wrap conversion carrier                         Snow Rainbow Woven Wrap                    Snow Rainbow Conversion

What are the Different Types of Wrap Conversions?

The types of wrap conversions we offer are Semi with Koolnit, Half with Koolnit, & very limited amounts of Full Panel. All of these options are backed with our brushed canvas. 

Semi with Koolnit- wrap on the outer panels of the body, Koolnit in the center; and canvas straps and waistband. 

Half with Koolnit- wrap on the outer panel of the body, Koolnit in the center; and wrap on the outside of the straps and waistband. 

Half Full Panel - wrap on all three panels of the body and the outside of the straps and waistband. This option is still backed with canvas and will only be available in very limited quantities (we still haven't released one yet!). 
              Semi Wrap Conversion                   Half Wrap Conversion

What about the pricing?

Pricing for these special beauties will vary depending on the cost of wrap material and how much of the wrap is used (Semi, Half, Full Panel). Some woven wraps are very limited because they are handwoven by one weaver using premium quality yarns. Some wraps also have fancier fiber content (silk, wool) or might be hand dyed! We take all of these factors into account when deciding the pricing, but aim to keep our wrap conversions competitive with the current market. 

How do I get a Wrap Conversion?

As with all Kinderpack carriers, our wrap conversions are handcrafted in small batches in the USA. We have a limited amount of sewists that are approved for making these special beauties so they will take a little more time. We don't currently have a specific day of the week that we will stock so be sure to follow us on Facebook where we announce all stockings one day prior. *Some stockings of very limited carriers will be posted on the page in the fastest fingers method. Be sure to have your notifications set to receive alerts when we post!!

May 27, 2017 — Kristina Pulistar