Welcome to Kinderpack. We're happy that you've found our great family of baby carriers that are small-batch made, exclusively in the USA.  Here you'll find the best baby carriers in sizes to fit infants, toddlers, and even preschool sized children.  Kinderpack Baby Carriers are available in a wide variety of prints to suit any style or taste, and can be worn on the front or as a backpack style carrier. Our high quality soft structured carrriers come in different sizing for caregiver's comfort as well.   Browse here: 
Infant Baby CarriersStandard size Baby CarriersToddler Baby Carriers  and Child Carriers for Preschoolers

Our Infant size Kinderpack grows with your child

Comfort and style balanced, the Infant sized Kinderpack will create a safe place for baby, while providing you with the ultimate in comfortable babywearing. This baby carrier will fit your child from 8 lbs to 35 lbs, with width adjusting features to get the best fit every single time at every growth stage. We even have 2 strap lengths to choose from for your wearing comfort.  You don't have to compromise style for comfort any more! Learn more here

Our Standard Size Kinderpack is great for 20 lbs and up

Has your baby reached 20 lbs and/or a year old? If so, then Standard size is likely the size for you.  Standard size is great for 20-40 lbs, and is the choice for parents that are moving up from an infant sized carrier.  Learn more here

Toddler size Kinderpack for ages 2 and up

Does your larger toddler have trouble keeping up with older siblings?  Does your toddler still want to be held often, or in new places?  Toddler size Kinderpack is for children that are minimum 32" tall, and who are growing out of Standard size.  Toddlerwearing can be a very beneficial part of toddlerhood, for you and your child.  Kinderpack makes it easy for the up-and-down stage without too much fuss. You can learn more here

Preschool size Kinderpack for Extended Childwearing

Some "big kids" need that extra security of still being carried in the early preschool years.  Preschool size Kinderpack is the largest child carrier on the market and supports children up to 55+ lbs.  It is recommended for ages 3-5 years.  Preschool Kinderpack can be used to help your child feel close and secure in times of anxiety or over stimulation.  It is especially beneficial for children with special needs that require compression therapy for calming in stressful situations.  You can learn more here


Please reach out to us if you need help with sizing


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Why I Babywear My Deaf Daughter

Why I Babywear My Deaf Daughter

Babywearing a child who is deaf can be beneficial. It can keep them safe from surroundings that may otherwise be dangerous. It can keep them calm during medical procedures and it can help them to feel the vibrations as you speak to them. Babywearing can allow your deaf child to be a participant in life despite their disability. This is a story told by a mother of a deaf child.
December 02, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
#MeAndMyKP - Stephanie Affa

#MeAndMyKP - Stephanie Affa

Kinderpack may seem like just another baby carrier, but to some, its much more. The Kinderpack allows families to adventure WITH their children and not have to put their active lifestyle on hold. It offers a sense of security to children who have special needs and can even offer those same children a view of the world from an adults perspective. 
November 06, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar
Too Big For A Baby Carrier? - Child Carrying #IBW2018

Too Big For A Baby Carrier? - Child Carrying #IBW2018

Childwearing calms tired little ones and allows for bigger adventures.  I cannot count the ways that our lives are better now because of easy access to preschool carriers.
October 06, 2018 by Kristina Pulistar

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