We always recommend attempting to spot wash before machine washing, but machine washing is perfectly safe to do! Please do NOT use Bleach or Fabric Softeners. 

To Machine Wash:  

1. Set your washer to the largest load size for extra water to dilute darker dyes.
2. Do not dilute detergent.
3. Do not use non-premium detergents or soap.  (In particular, do not use “Ecos” brand detergent, or other alternative detergents)  Tide is best, or another mainstream brand like All or Gain etc. Using fragrance-free or free & clear is perfectly fine.
4. Tumble dry, low temp, until damp then lay flat to dry the remainder of the way 

On occasion, bleeding may occur, even if washing instructions were followed. Please inspect carrier for bleeding BEFORE putting in the dryer.  Do not place in the dryer if any bleeding occurs. Stain treat the spots with Oxiclean spray or Zout and re-wash.  This will usually take care of it.

*Note that we no longer recommend using Shout Color Catchers*


All Kinderpack Carriers have a LIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturing flaws. No warranty claims will be honored for damage done during washing, due to varied detergents, washing machines, and washing methods.

To complete a warranty claim, please email Customer Service at info@kindercarry.com. Please include your order number and detailed photos of the Kinderpack to expedite your claim. 

Our products are handmade and may have slight variations that do not affect their use or safety. Normal wear, fabric fading, minor size differences, and common woven wrap imperfections are not considered manufacturing flaws and are not covered under the warranty.

In the rare instance in which there is a manufacturing flaw, we will work with you to provide you with a comparable repair, exchange, or refund. The flawed item must be returned to Kindercarry and processed by our team before a replacement can be shipped. Please allow 3-5 business days for your return to be processed.

We are not responsible for warranty coverage if your carrier has been altered in any way. The term “altered” is defined as including, without limit, dyeing, painting, embroidery, and fabric additions or removals made after purchase. We are also not responsible for warranty coverage for any item that has been purchased secondhand or used.