Don't let the cold weather keep you cooped up! Getting outdoors is not only beneficial to your mental health, but also provides a host of benefits for your little ones. 

Now you are probably wondering, "How should I dress myself and my baby if I plan to wear my Kinderpack"? The answer to that depends on the level of activity you have planned for the day and of course, how cold it is outside! Here are some tips for dressing in the winter. 


All the layers!! 

When it's cold outside, you need to layer the clothing you put on yourself and baby- layering is perfect for babywearing! Layers make it easier to regulate body temperature by offering the option of removing or adding them as the temperature changes.  

  • Remember that your baby will be close and will receive warmth from your body.

  • Prevent your child from becoming overheated by listening to their cues and checking them often.

  • Dress YOU comfortably! If you will be doing lots of walking, you will be more likely to heat up as you exert energy. 

  • DON'T wear a super bulky coat UNDER the carrier. It makes it harder to get a good snug fit.

  • If necessary, use an over-sized coat or a special babywearing coat to go over both of you AND the carrier. 

    Winter Babywearing In The Snow

    Don't forget the accessories!

    A warm hat and mittens are a given, as are warms shoes or boots. One thing that you might have forgotten to think about is long socks or baby leggings! When wearing any soft structured carrier, your child's pants might ride up.  An extra layer on the legs can prevent any exposed skin and help to keep the toes extra toasty!! 


    Most importantly!

    Make sure that you are always paying attention to your baby, especially if you are busy hiking and they are on your back. Take breaks to check body temperature and adjust any layers. Finally, enjoy the snuggles- they are the best! 

    January 11, 2017 — Kristina Pulistar