The 'Bi Fold ' is a method of storage created by a Kinderpack fan! Stephanie, of Mama Cat, Steph, has shared her method with us so that we can share with you! This is a great way to fold if you like to show off your collection of prints OR if you happen to have a few carriers in the same canvas color you can easily spot the one you are looking for without having to unroll multiples! 

Step 1: 

Lay your Kinderpack face up with all straps, buckles, and webbing loose. 
Step 1

Step 2: 

Fold in both sides of the waist band to meet their edges at the center. Also, bring the webbing up into the center of the panel.
Step 2

Step 3: 

Fold in the shoulder straps, face up, to the center of the body panel. You will have some "curling" at the edges of the panel. Make sure all webbing is tucked into the center under the straps.
Step 3

Step 4: 

Fold up your waistband so that it meets the center of your body panel. The warning label will be facing up (and upside down!) if you did this step correctly. 
step 4

Step 5: 

Fold down the headrest to meet the bottom edge of the waist band that you folded up. Your storage strap will be hanging down at this point. 
step 5

Step 6: 

Pull the elastic storage strap over the entire carrier. Be sure to place the strap in the center all the way around for the most secure hold! 
step 6
Now your carrier is rolled securely for storage!! If you are looking for another way to roll your carrier, please check out:
August 16, 2017 — Kristina Pulistar