Today's blog post is a mix of crafting/earning KP cash/ and spreading the KP love! In case you didn't hear, Kindercarry has a new referral program! It's super awesome and easy to use. When you sign up for an account with Kindercarry, you earn points for every purchase you make. You ALSO earn points for any purchases a friend makes using your unique referral link. We sweetened the pot for your friends by giving them a Kinderpack Coupon for $10 off their first carrier! Your link can be found here on the referral page (keep in mind each link is individual and yours will be different from the one below):

This link can, of course, be copied and pasted anywhere on the internet, in a text message, or any other way you'd like to electronically send it to a friend. But we thought it might be nice to have a hard copy to give to someone while they are asking you what carrier you have on! So we introduce our version of the "pass-along" card:
Kindercarry's Refer-a-friend cards!

These cards come double sided and are high quality! On the front they say "Hey fellow babywearer, you rock!". On the back, they say "Check out for more info on my favorite baby carrier! Made in the USA, most comfortable, newborn to big kid, awesome designs. When you're ready to get one for yourself, use this URL and get $10 off!" Then there is a blank space for your UNIQUE referral link!

Now heres where the somewhat crafting part comes in. You can write out your link on the cards, but this might take more time, and undoubtedly a case of writers cramp. The next best thing we came up with is clear return labels from Avery.

This is a super inexpensive way to get your custom link, onto your cards! It's super easy since offers a free template for this label. Input your link, stick the sheet of labels in your printer, make sure you UNcheck "fit to page", and PRINT! 

This is an excellent, low-cost way to earn LOTS of refer-a-friend points which of course ultimately earns YOU big discounts and even a free Kinderpack! Remember, the cards themselves are free (we just ask that you pay shipping which is $.70 for a pack of 10 cards) as we want to help you spread the KP love! 

We have one other option for you as well! If you prefer to print your own cards with your custom link already on them, you are of course welcome to do that as well! Here are the full quality card templates, and we have included a few more front sides that apply to more situations! Feel free to use any and all! 


What do you think about our refer-a-friend cards? Do you think you will use them? Do you have any suggestions for any other different styles of cards? Leave a comment below! 
August 19, 2017 — Skylar Saunders
Tags: tutorials