We're continuing our celebrations of International Babywearing Week where we are featuring one size Kinderpack per day. Today we focus on our Standard Size carrier!

The Kinderpack Standard Size Carrier is the second of four sizes that we offer. The reason we offer many sizes is that we believe having the perfect fit for each stage of babywearing is helpful for the comfort of the child and the caregiver. This in no way means that you HAVE to size up as soon as you hit the next limits. You can very well be comfortable and safe in your current size and many times sizing overlaps where your baby could fit TWO sizes at the same time.

We also want to make note that sizing up TOO soon is not recommended because it can cause put pressure on areas of both the baby and the wearer that can cause discomfort or restrict movement.  Think of it this way- you want and need for your car seat to be the right size for your baby in their current stage- a baby carrier is the same way.

We find that most children will size up to the Standard around 12-18 months of age, or about 28". This is an approximation and will vary based on your child's height and preferences. For instance, if your child enjoys riding arms out, you might find yourself using the infant size a bit longer than a child that enjoys riding arms inside the carrier. 

The standard size has all the same features as the toddler and preschool sizes. It has a headrest for an extra 2" of height, and the headrest stores the hideaway hood. All Kinderpacks features dual adjust buckles for both the waistband and the shoulder straps. I personally enjoy the dual adjust buckles because I don't have to awkwardly pull backward when wearing in front or in the back and I can decide where on my body I prefer the buckles to lay. No "T-Rex Arms"!

We also have 'perfect fit adjusters' (PFA) which are buckles at the top of the shoulder straps. These are an additional adjustment point to achieve a perfect fit. Many will use them in back carries where you will find yourself using up more webbing since your back is flat and your front is curved. Others may use them to pull smaller babies in closer in a front carry.  It isn't an adjustment that all wearers need, but it's there if needed.

Wearing your baby past infancy can have many benefits. We asked in our Facebook chatter group what our members valued in wearing past 1 year. Here are some of the responses we received...

Jennifer says "We wear past one year because our son has autism. Sometimes he gets so overwhelmed by things while out that the only place he feels safe is in a carrier on my back..."

Flo says "Our Kinderpack has allowed us to go on adventures that a one, two, three, or four year old could never keep up with under normal circumstances."

Claire says "I wear past a year to keep my son safe and because toddlers still need naps"
Ruth says  "Because I have several kids and only two hands! "

Emily says "Because at one they become “runners” 

What benefits do you find in wearing past one year old? Tell us your story in the comments!  We love to hear from you!
October 04, 2018 — Kristina Pulistar