We are in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week 2017, a campaign promoting the support and protection of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and baby carrying go hand in hand as two biological norms that have tapered due to societal barriers. We at Kindercarry will continue to normalize breastfeeding by using nursing photos in our marketing materials and supporting our customers through their journey.

Here is a step by step tutorial showing "How to Breastfeed in your Kinderpack"

Breastfeed in Kinderpack - Loosen Shoulder Strap

1. Loosen the shoulder strap opposite the side you would like to nurse on.

Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Keep hand on baby

2. When you loosen any straps, always keep a hand on the baby for support as the carrier is no longer properly fitted. 

Breastfeeding in a Kinderpack - Loosen the waist belt

3. Loosen the waist belt just enough to move the carrier. Be sure to not loosen this too much and ALWAYS keep a hand on baby.

Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Shift baby to the side

4. Shift the entire carrier, including the baby, to the side on which you chose to breastfeed Don't forget to switch sides each time!

Breastfeeding in a Kinderpack- Latch

5. Latch baby! You can pull your breast of the top of your shirt.If you use the "two shirt method", be sure to pull up your top shirt before any tightening to make it easier for you!

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack- Adjust the baby

6. Check your latch. Breastfeeding in a carrier takes practice! If you have trouble getting baby to the right position you may need to adjust your shoulder straps further. You may need to hold your breast in place during your nursing session and that is OK!. Babywearing while feeding is not necessarily hands-free, but it can be similar to an extra hand!. **TIP** some wearers are able to use a rolled up wash cloth to prop up their breast and free up their hand. If at all you are having trouble getting into position, you may contact us for troubleshooting help! Info@Kindercarry.com

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack - Tighten your straps

7. Once the baby is securely latched, happy, and nursing it is time to tighten up your carrier! First, tighten your waist belt nice and snug to your body to secure the seat. Keep one hand on baby to keep the latch.

breastfeeding in your Kinderpack- Tighten shoulder straps

8. Tighten your loosened shoulder strap to comfort. You won't want to tighten this all the way as it can cause the baby to lose their latch, however, you can snug this up just a bit to bring baby closer to your body again. 

Breastfeeding in Kinderpack - You're all set!

9. You're ready to go!!! Breastfeeding in your Kinderpack can be a helpful way for you meet your baby's needs while tending to your other responsibilities!

Do you have any other tips for breastfeeding in your Kinderpack? 

August 02, 2017 — Kristina Pulistar