Marley wasn’t always profoundly deaf. She had some hearing but in certain situations, it was hard for her to hear us talking to her. When I wore Marley I knew she could hear me. I knew in crowded, loud situations she felt safe being worn. Another bonus of wearing is I always knew if her devices were on her ears. Hearing aids and implants come off of infants and toddlers so easily, the Kinderpack left me with peace of mind that hadn’t misplaced such expensive items. 

With Marley's complications regarding her right cochlear implant  (they said that it needed to be removed) we were in and out of the hospital inpatient and Emergency department. Wearing Marley in our toddler Kinderpack meant that she could nap peacefully while we waited. She was up secure to my chest (or back, whichever way I was wearing her at the time) not touching the germs of the hospital and able to nurse as needed. Nurses were able to check her vitals in the carrier and she wouldn’t fuss about having to get down while in pain and not feeling well. 

Marley has surgery yesterday and I was able to wear her the second we got back to the PACU. It was great - she nursed, slept and got vitals without being disturbed. We asked for a foot IV like in the past so that she could comfortably tuck her arms in. 

Can I Babywearing My Deaf Baby
The Kinderpack baby carrier has been one of the most beneficial baby products for many situations, but especially this situation. Marley is deaf, but that doesn't mean she has to miss out on life. Kinderpack allows her to experience things that otherwise could have been dangerous. Kinderpack allows her to be safe and comfortable always. 
This blog post is written by Katelyn M, Marley's mother. You can follow Marley's journey on Instagram - @mqmcochlearexperience
December 02, 2018 — Kristina Pulistar