Kinderpack may seem like just another baby carrier, but to some, its more than just a baby holding device. The Kinderpack allows families to adventure WITH their children and not have to put their active lifestyle on hold. It offers a sense of security to children who have special needs and can even offer those same children a view of the world from an adults perspective. The Kinderpack community is a support system where you can find like-minded caregivers in any situation or place in the world. 

We love hearing your stories and are thankful to be such a big part of so many lives, especially during such a special season such as raising children. 

Today, we share Stephanie's #MeAndMyKP story. Stephanie is Kinderpack's customer service specialist. She is the first point of contact for many of you and your gateway into the Kinderpack world. Steph is an important part of our team and we are thankful to have her here. 

What’s your Kinderpack story? Use the #MeAndMyKP hashtag so we can read about it. and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We would be so honored if you share your stories with us!

1) How did your babywearing journey begin?

My husband and I, after having our first son, were walking around Target and saw the baby carriers on display. We immediately understood the benefit of wearing your baby and being able to do other things, whatever helps us make life easier haha.  

2) When did you learn about Kinderpack Carriers? 

I have a friend that was pregnant about the same timing as me. One day, when our babies were a couple months old between 2015-2016, we were talking about our baby carriers and I told her how I would get tired out physically from the baby carrier that I had at the time. She recommended Kinderpack to me, her friend was an educator and told her about them as well. I tried it on and it was an instant comfort. I had sciatica and a lot of back problems after giving birth and the Kinderpack never exacerbated those problems compared to other carriers at the time. 

3) How did you start working for Kindercarry?

Once I learned about Kinderpacks, I got my first in April of 2016. I've been a big fan of them ever since. I got really involved in the Chatter group back when it was just a fan group. I ended up collecting different prints, I cycle through them. I also love the history behind it being such a handmade-at-home product. It's fun to geek out. Mid-2018, Mel reached out to me and asked me if I'd like to work for Kindercarry as the Customer Service Rep. I said yes, I loved the opportunity of working for one of my favorite brands. I get to work from home and be with my son and enjoy his toddler-hood. I get to help people all the time with their Kinderpacks, whether it's finding the right size, fit, or a certain print. I really enjoy it. 


4) What is something that you love about the Kinderpack community?

I really love how nice people from the community are. Especially in our chatter group. I've actually made quite a few friends through that group. People I like to geek out with, people that I actually hang out with in real life, people that actually inspire me in many positive ways. So many people from different walks of life and we all love Kinderpacks and Babywearing/Toddlerwearing. Veterans, Teachers, parents to children with special needs, parents with lots of babies, a few that have suffered as I do with mental illness, it's beautiful to see how we've all linked up because of this one little thing we love to do.

5) Is there a Kinderpack print that holds special meaning to you? 

Yes! It's Rockin Rockets. When I was pregnant, I fell in love with the idea of the Space theme for my son's bedroom, and all the things really lol. When I was in the market for a Kinderpack in 2016, there were already so many prints. My friend recommended picking a print I liked and waiting for it to come up on the market. I had picked Final Frontier, I thought it was the only "Space" option. Someone put up Rockin Rockets and I mistakenly bought it, not realizing it wasn't what I had originally picked, but I loved it more than Final Frontier so it was okay haha. I did have to sell it to size up, but I missed it a lot. Eventually, I tracked it down and got my original Rockin Rockets back, I cried. It was so nostalgic to have back the carrier that got me through the sleepless nights with "Mi Cielo" [my heaven]. I also ended up getting it in a Preschool when it came back in 2018..<3 


6.) What is one tip that you would give to someone who is new to Kinderpack? 

Don't size up too quickly! I have people that email us considering jumping up a size because the size they want isn't available in the print they want so I usually have to kindly remind them that "hey I know you want that print but you might have to wait a WHILE before they fit properly, because you don't want to hyper-extend the legs".

I love the enthusiasm for the longevity of use, and I understand someone not wanting to *have* to size up and buy another one later on, but its really important to keep our babies safe and comfortable first. 

It's been super fun answering these questions. I hope to meet some of you at Mommycons! Please don't be shy, just say hi<3

November 06, 2018 — Kristina Pulistar