Newer Print Pads, Pouches, Bundles

$ 26.50


These are made to order, and may take up to 2 weeks before they ship

We have:
Drool Pads

Waist Pouches

Bundles= pair of pads and a waist pouch

Drool Pads (also sometimes called suck pads or teething pads)- Drool Pads are used to help protect your Kinderpack's fabric, and keep your straps looking new. Kiddo's LOVE to put the straps in their mouth, and this makes it so you just have to wash the drool pad and not the entire carrier!  Drool pads are also a fun way to dress up your carrier!

All pads consist of 1 layer of the chosen print, a layer of batting inside, and a layer of coordinating cotton or canvas.  No topstitching to make harsh edges for baby's gums.  We use 2 snaps to close the pad tightly around the shoulder strap to keep it in place.  Simply snap the pad around the shoulder strap where it connects to the carrier. 

*Drool Pads are Sold in Pairs 

Waist PouchThey measure 5 x 7 approx., and are large enough to hold a cell phone, keys, a snack, travel wipes, lipstick, etc.  But also small enough that it won't get in your way or be bulky at your waist.  

It's also a fun way to dress up your carrier!

All pouches consist of 1 layer of the chosen print on front, a solid coordinating cotton lining inside, and a layer of coordinating canvas on the back.  Each features a nice zipper on top, in a matching color.  On the back are two webbing loops that you simply slide over the waistband before buckling- it may be positioned on the waistband itself or on the waist webbing, depending on how you are wearing the carrier and how tight you wear your waistband.

Bundle= matching drool pad pair and waist pouch at a special price