PREORDER Agate with Koolnit- MAX Size Kinderpack

$ 199.00



Can you believe how beautiful this print is?  All mineral, rock, crystal, and outdoorsy folks will love this one, with it's strips of varying colors of agate across the fabric.  It is paired with matching navy straps and
 navy Koolnit!


    • Fits starting at 50″ tall, and 55-95 lbs, 
    • Fits US child sizes 8-14
    • caregiver minimum height of 5'4"
    • Great for big kids and kids with special needs who still need to be carried through the childhood years.

All weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child. Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold much higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised.