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It's time to relax after a long week of hustle and bustle.  
Take advantage of our Sofa Sunday BOGO sale to pick up accessories
for your Kinderpack, or small gifts for others.
Drawstring Backpacks are a great alternative to gift wrap and gift bags. 
They are great for gift-giving, while also being something your loved one
can use all year long.  They are also perfect for storing your Kinderpack
in the car, or while on-the-go.  There is plenty of room for your carrier,
plus any other items that you need while out and about.
Drool pads keep your Kinderpack straps protected from little mouths
and sharp little teeth! Our pads wrap around the straps and make a
safe area for your little one to help break those tiny teeth through. 
They keep your Kinderpack clean, fresh, and new looking. When soiled,
simply remove and launder without having to wash your whole carrier.
Our waist pouch completes the ensemble.  It slides onto the waistband,
keeping all of your essentials close at hand.  Big enough to hold your
phone, keys, cash/cards, and chapstick, while sleek without bulk.
When not using your Kinderpack, slide off and throw in your bag.
No need to shuffle your items around- this pouch is all purpose!
Buy one accessory, get an accessory
Mix & Match your items!

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Small businesses are so very important.
Please patronize your favorite small businesses today!
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