Kinderpack is committed to offering top-notch customer service. That meant it was a no-brainer to add a Certified Babywearing Educator to our staff. Kristina is able to diagnose fit issues from a few simple images and will always be able to get you comfortable! She can even offer video chat consults if you are a more visual person. (Just email to get that set up!)

We feel it's important for you to know the people behind the scenes that keep our small business working. Today, we share Kristina's #MeAndMyKP story.

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1) How did your babywearing journey begin?

Before having my first baby I was a nanny! The family I worked for owned a baby carrier and it was so intriguing to me. The stroller was complicated to open and even harder to push so I decided to give the carrier a try! I loved the freedom it gave me to chase around the toddler while still holding the baby and she was able to enjoy the playtime from a new perspective. I knew at that moment (4 years before I would have my own baby) that I would wear my babies one day! 


2) When did you learn about Kinderpack Carriers? 

After attending the very first Mommycon, I become involved with the local babywearing community! It was my first group of mom friends and I enjoyed helping so became a volunteer. Being a volunteer meant it was important for me to research the currently available brands, one being Kinderpack. The very first one I tried was Unicorns with the yummy red canvas!


3) What is something that you love about the Kinderpack community?

I love how most people who are Kinderpack users tell us that they have tried other brands, but once they tried Kinderpack they never went back! It's so exciting to be able to offer that type of comfort. Watching the babies grow is kinda neat too ;) 

4) Is there a Kinderpack print that holds special meaning to you? 

Yes! Constellations. My daughter's name is Lyra (after the constellation) so it's pretty special to me. It was also her first Kinderpack ride!


5.) What is one tip that you would give to someone who is new to Kinderpack? 

If you are having trouble with fit, reach out to us! We're here to help and happy to do it. 

 Kristina is a Los Angeles Postpartum Doula  & CBWS trained babywearing educator. She believes that every growing family deserves a helping hand and tools to make the adjustment easier.

You can learn more about Kristina through her social media channels. 

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March 18, 2019 — Kristina Pulistar