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Welcome to Kinderpack. We're happy that you've found our great family of baby carriers that are small-batch made, exclusively in the USA.  Here you'll find the best baby carriers in sizes to fit infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids.  Kinderpack Baby Carriers are available in a wide variety of prints to suit any style or taste, and can be worn on the front or as a backpack style carrier. Our high quality soft structured carrriers come in standard and plus sizing for caregiver comfort as well. 

Which Size Kinderpack is Right for You?

Infant Size Kinderpack

Infant size is for babies starting at 8 lbs up to 35 lbs, starting at a minimum 22" long, up to about 32"/3T pants. The perfect choice to begin your babywearing journey, and well into toddlerhood!

Standard Size Kinderpack

Standard size is perfect for children who have outgrown newborn and infant carriers. It starts to fit around 28" tall/2T pants/20+ lbs, and can be used up to 40 lbs/4T/36"- a very versatile size.

Toddler Size Kinderpack

Toddler size Kinderpack is for children that are minimum 32" tall, and who are growing out of Standard size.  They should be wearing at least 3T in pants. Toddler fits up to 45 lbs. It is a good bit larger than standard.

Preschool Size Kinderpack

Preschool size Kinderpack supports children up to 55+ lbs.  It is recommended for ages 3-5 years. It is advisable that the child be wearing at a minimum, size 4T pants.

Child Size Kinderpack

Child size Kinderpack supports children starting at 45 lbs.  It is recommended for ages 5+ years. It is advisable that the child be wearing at a minimum, size 5T pants.