The Good Fight Duo- Preschool Kinderpack (LE)

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A tribute to those who have been affected by Breast Cancer. This gorgeous print features words of positivity and encouragement, as well as pink butterflies and pink ribbons. All on a black background. This Duo version is a full panel, with the middle panel being a matching pink and white polkadot print. This version is paired with Black straps, and a hoodie hood in the polkadots. Once this print is gone, it WILL NOT be back!

This Kinderpack was created to raise money for one of Mel's dear friends. Becky, a mother of 4, is recovering from her double mastectomy. She is a fighter, in the truest sense. We honor her, and all others who are fighting, the survivors, and those that didn't make it.

Preschool Size

-Fits from 3-5 years: 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall.

-This is truly the largest child carrier on the market!*. Great for big kids and kids with special needs who still want to be carried through the preschool years.

-The preschool panel's measurements are 20″ high (add 2" for headrest) x 20″wide.

-All weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child. Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold much higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised.

*Largest carrier on the market that is ready-to-purchase. Not including custom, made-to-order carriers found elsewhere.

Strap Size

The Kinderpack is available in 2 strap sizes, standard or plus, for a custom fit for you:

Standard Size: Size 0-22 (19-20″ straps+ 13″ of webbing;
waistband fit 26″-60″)

Plus Size: Size 18 and up (24″ straps+ 13″ of webbing;
waistband fits 26″-60″) - great for large busted women, and tall men.

Please view our Fit Gallery for real life pictures of parents in both sizes, with included stats for comparison. This should assist you in deciding which size is right for you!

To find out even more about Kinderpack carriers, view our more detailed page here!

This print in Infant size, click here!
This print in Standard size, click here!
This print in Toddler size, click here!

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