PREORDER- Alice Accessories

$ 39.00

"Alice" is a classic print featuring some of the beloved characters from the Lewis Carroll literary classic. There are so many things to see on this print, from Alice herself, the Cheshire Cat, "Drink Me" bottles, cards and so much more! You need to see this print in person! All of this is on a sky blue background! 


Your accessories will be made just for you.

We are offering our brand new line of accessories in this preorder print!

-pair of drool pads

-large drawstring backpack, approximately 14” x 17”

-zipper waist pouch, slides onto waistband with loops on back

-Kinderpack Mini doll carrier, in Koolnit or FP


This is a pre-order that closes 2/4/18. These will ship around the last week in February.

Due to the nature of Preorders we are unable to accept changes to orders already placed, cancellations, or returns on any products with the exception of manufacturer defects.