Mystery Mask Bundle!- Adult size

$ 79.99


These Mystery Bundles are such a blast!

Totally Random, Totally Fun!

Available in 6-packs and 10-packs

Keep One, Keep Some, Give to Friends!

Hand-picked by us, no duplicates, and each box is guaranteed to have at least one sought after print included!

*sorry, no print requests can be honored at this time

*These are not medical devices* 

*these are only for ages 12 and up*     

*there may be up to a 7 day wait for order processing as we work to handle a large volume of orders- if you aren’t prepared to wait, please seek an alternative 

*Your purchase will help subsidize free masks for those workers that are on the front lines! Thank you so much for your help!

*Our masks are contoured for easier breathing than flat masks.  We have 3 layers- the outer is either cotton canvas or cotton print.  The inner is a layer of interfacing, and the skin contact layer is our Koolnit- a moisture wicking mesh.  There are 1/8" soft stretch elastic loops that go around your ears.

*There may be up to 7 day wait for shipping as our facility works to handle the large volume of orders.


• Masks do not protect 100%
• N95 rated masks protect 95%
• Fabric masks can be better than nothing.
• Fabric masks may prevent some people from touching their faces.
• Fabric masks can stop splatter but NOT viruses.
• Fabric masks are a last ditch effort.

*No guarantee is included to prevent, cure, or to stop the spread of viruses.


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