Luscious with Koolnit- Child size Kinderpack

$ 189.00

Our latest succulent print is so vibrant! If you like succulents, you will LOVE this fabric! It is paired with matching cloud straps and cloud Koolnit.

Child Size

    • Fits from 5 years and up: 45-85 lbs, starting at 44″ tall.
    • Great for big kids and kids with special needs who still want to be carried through the childhood years.
    • The 
  •  child size panel's measurements are 22″ high (add 2" for headrest) x 23″ wide.

      All weights are suggested weights and may vary depending on each child. Suggested weights are based on appropriate proportions for the body panel size. Each Kinderpack can safely hold much higher weight limits than what is suggested, but comfort may be compromised.