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If you need to purchase one now, use this link:

*This listing is strictly for those workers in public on the frontline*

*Maximum of 1 mask per person at this time due to overwhelming demand*

*These are not medical devices*

These professions include:

  • healthcare workers/pharmacy
  • police
  • firefighters
  • military
  • grocery         

    *If you are a frontline worker (or partner/spouse), our collections of donations will be used to subsidize these mask orders.

*As of now, this is on the honor system- please be considerate of our time, efforts, and donations, and refrain from ordering a free mask if you aren't in the professions listed above.

*We will have a maximum of 1 mask per person right now.  This may change in the future. If you order more than 1, please know that you will only receive one in the mail.

*These marks will be randomly chosen from stock that we have on hand. Fabrics and colors can not be chosen at this time for free masks.

*There may be up to 10 day wait for shipping as our facility works to handle the large volume of orders.

If you need to purchase a mask, and are not involved in one of the above professions, we will be making those available to the public very soon!

• Masks do not protect 100%
• N95 rated masks protect 95%
• Fabric masks can be better than nothing.
• Fabric masks may prevent some people from touching their faces.
• Fabric masks can stop splatter but NOT viruses.
• Fabric masks are a last ditch effort.

*No guarantee is included to prevent, cure, or to stop the spread of viruses.

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