How Do I Order?


Here is how it all works! 

Each Thursday there are several instock options available, but they sell very quickly. Check to see what is coming by checking our Facebook page for previews on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Our stocking day is extremely competitive, and there aren’t usually any items left after the first 10 minutes of the stocking.  We are working really hard to increase our production.  We know there just aren’t enough to go around.

For updates on stockings, join the Kindercarry Facebook fan page:

and if you tweet, follow us on Twitter:

All announcements pertaining to stockings are posted on the Facebook fan page. I will also double post on Twitter, but the Facebook group sees alot more action.

How do I purchase a Kinderpack? 

We stock new inventory on Thursdays at 12noon CDT/CST.

The list below can help prime you before trying to purchase at one of our stockings.  They sell out very fast, with several thousand people trying to buy.  Not all prints are stocked every week.  We usually have 2 or 3 selected prints to restock, which are announced on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesdays.  Listings are will also be previewed on the website ahead of the stocking on the home page. You will see they have a  "Coming Soon" button on them. 

Refresh the 'Home' page until the listings appear.  Then click on the listing that you want to purchase.  Valid URLs will not be revealed before the listings go live. The preview listings under "Coming Soon" will not be the same URL as the live listing.

  • Select your desired size and try to add to your cart.  We no longer have a cart hold so the item isn't yours until you complete payment. Items can be removed from your cart at any time. You may get a screen that says "Inventory Issues" after you have tried to add to your cart.  This is due to the enormous amount of customers trying to purchase at the same time.  You may refresh that screen to see if you can get it back in your cart.

  • Continue from the shopping cart page through the payment screens, and follow the prompts to finish payment

  • Be sure that your ship to address is correct, as we do not make shipping address changes once orders are placed. 

Kinderpacks are selling faster than we can make them.  We really wish that we could make enough carriers for everyone that wants one!  We are always looking into increasing production!