We want to provide you with real life "Fit Pics", so that you can compare your child's size to these children, which will hopefully give you a better idea of which size Kinderpack to choose!

Marlaina is a perfect size to show you a child that can definitely still fit standard, especially if they are arms out. But for longevity and comfort, she is ideally toddler size. As for mom, she was surprised that she actually preferred plus straps, as they allowed her to have padding completely under her arms, and only needed a slight bit of PFA tightening.
(Prints are: Terrapin, Shady Savannah, Lotus, and Fox & Flora)

This picture is a good reference for wearers. Plus straps can fit many body types! 
(Prints are: Rocky Raccoon, Force Friends) 

For this child, we would suggest a toddler size, though standard is a great fit for arms out.
(Prints are: Fantasy Forest, Lotus, In the Round, Flock)

For this mom, standard is her normal size, but she can fit plus if she wants to have a more versatile option, to perhaps share with a larger partner.
(Prints are: Safari, Composed)

Zoey is a perfect example of the "in-between size". She fits both Infant and is just starting to fit Standard as well. Mom has tried both at length, and prefers the fit of Standard at this point. But if baby was an arms out rider, infant would be a better option for a bit longer.

(Prints are: Adorned, Tranquil, Wanderlust)