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PREORDER- Cowboy Friend- Kinderpack- ALL SIZES

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Here is our newest inspired-by print, in one of the most world's most lovable themes! The iconic imagery in this patchwork style print is spot on.  It also is a wonderful addition to our Space Ranger print! COWBOY FRIEND is perfectly paired with Navy Koolnit and Navy Canvas.

*no accessories are included with carrier purchase

Available for preorder 9/3/19, and closes 9/13/19
Your Kinderpack will be made just for you and shipped out within 6 weeks of the closing date.

Please do not order if you are not prepared to wait the 6 weeks

In addition to the Kinderpack carrier, we have a curated selection of accessories and matching items for you as well! Mix and match what works for you!

drool pads, to help keep your Kinderpack clean and looking good.
5x7 zippered waist pouch, which slides onto the waist for easy access
drawstring backpack, perfect for storing or toting around your Kinderpack or just about anything!
lovey blanket, 12"x12"- backed with Navy minky
baby blanket, 29"x35" - backed with Navy minky
throw blanket, 42"x59" - backed with Navy  minky
Crossbody bag
bandana bib
doll carrier
ALSO, you can purchase yardage of fabric if desired!
And fun fact- Mel designed this print!

This print is purchased from an independent fabric designer that sells their work on Spoonflower.  In conjunction with our vision of small business and artisans, we happily pay the extra money per yard to support independent artists.  You will see the increased price as a reflection of that cooperation and vision and we hope you see the value in supporting independent artists as well!

Due to the nature of Preorders, we are unable to accept changes to orders already placed, cancellations, or returns on any products with the exception of manufacturer defects.

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