Full panel or Koolnit? August 30, 2017 14:06

September is just a few days away. Depending upon where you are in the country (or world!), this month usually brings the first sign of summer coming to an end. Your nights may just noticeably be beginning to cool off, and it may even get you thinking about the somewhat forgotten Kinderpack option: FULL PANEL! Here at Kindercarry we have listened to our customers needs for Koolnit through the warm months, and usually take a hiatus from our full panels during those months as well. Be we also know some people just LOVE their full panels! So what is the difference you might ask? 

Our full panel design is what some people think of traditionally when they think of Soft Structed Carriers. Kinderpack's are unique in our contouring 3 panel design. This allowed us to also create an alternative version of our normal full panel, by switching out the center panel, and insert 2 layers of supportive mesh, or what we call Koolnit. Both styles of Kinderpack's have their pros and cons as listed above. Usually, we see people going for the Koolnit version because they enjoy the breathability. This may be because of a hot-natured child, or because they are avid hikers. One reason we see people loving full panels is the warmth they DO provide in the colder months, or because they like the look better of full panel. 

Another major difference between the two styles is the included hood. On our Koolnit Kinderpacks (pictured above) you have a flat hood, which acts as a head support and shade for a sleeping child. (all the children in the picture above are passed OUT!) The hood on the full panels is very different. It is a hoodie hood, or aviator styled hood (pictured below), and is made from the print. It provides more full coverage, and is warmer than the Koolnit hood. 

Many prints are available in BOTH Koolnit and full panel. Some however, only come in Koolnit or alternatively in full panel. This could be due to limited supply of fabric, wanting a print to be aesthetically pleasing while working around our 3 panel design, or an array of other reasons.


So now that you know the difference, which is your favorite? Do you have a certain print you have been waiting on to return (or come out!) in full panel or Koolnit? Comment them below or email us at info@kindercarry.com! And check out our selection of both full panels AND Koolnit Kinderpack's here!