Being Thankful..... December 20, 2015 13:45 4 Comments

For me, this time of year naturally brings about a need to recount all the things I am thankful for, both past and present. I find myself deeply and profoundly thankful for the intangibles that help me through each day.  Material comforts make life easier of course, but it's the people and the insights in life that really matter in the end.


First, I am grateful for the entrepreneurial spirit that I was born with. I was raised in a family where I had the unique opportunity of watching my father take his ideas and turn his vision into reality through his business.  From the time my dad was thirteen he had already begun his first successful venture - a hobby shop in his parents' basement where he bought and sold parts for radio controlled airplanes, trains and cars to his friends. In less than three years, this hobby became a storefront that his parents ran while he attended high school.  That same storefront operated for thirty five years.  He modeled this entrepreneurial path for me; he lived each moment with a sense of wonder while always exploring his dreams.  He was an exciting person to be with, who believed with his whole heart that I could do anything that I wanted to.  His mind never stopped formulating ideas and business plans.  I never knew at that time that I was learning from him to "live my dreams"- I just thought that this way of thinking was what you "do".  I wish he could see me now.


I am also thankful for the gift of optimism.  Building a business on a dream is not easy. The process is most often not successful, and there are roadblocks – emotional and financial – that stop many from achieving their dreams. Because I am able to see the silver lining, I’ve been able to focus on the things that bring light, success, and strength to my creative spirit rather than allowing setbacks to stifle my ideas. Without positive thinking, there are so many things in my life that just wouldn’t be.  I have never been one to concentrate on the negative.  Being positive is the only way to truly achieve your dreams, and persevere through the tough times.


I am also so very grateful for the families who support Kindercarry and continue to help us grow our ideas and our business one carrier at a time. Since the inception of Kindercarry nearly 12 years ago, we have experienced a steady stream of loyalty and support that brings joy to what we do. Because we began with such a small base of familiar faces and have grown to international proportions, it’s important to me to continue to be hands-on with Kindercarry. I still cut every single piece that is lovingly sewn into a Kinderpack. From each supportive email and every photo of a child being worn to each Facebook comment lending support, I try to see and read every single one, and I am so grateful for each of you. 


Finally, I am so deeply and profoundly grateful for my husband and children. Without my family, I would not be able to do what I do and be as involved as I am with Kindercarry. My daughters and husband know me well and tolerate the endless stream of ideas that I am constantly wanting to try, and they support (and often join in) the shenanigans that happen daily.  My husband left his own job to help expand Kindercarry last year, which couldn't have happened otherwise.  He lovingly calls himself "The Manny" - he cooks all of our dinners, and helps do so many things around the house.

Success isn't an accident.  And neither is being thankful.  An attitude of gratitude is essential to success.  And almost every good idea began with someone saying, “Hey, what if we …..


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