My Sentimental Old Self...... October 02, 2015 16:40

It's been a crazy back to school time for most of us at KCHQ! Many of us have school children, and getting back into the swing of things can be tough on the whole family.  Making sure that we don't let the day pass by without being thankful for this crazy beautiful life can be hard to do in the midst of chaos.  Letting the little ones know that we have time for THEM is something that we need to keep forefront in our minds.  I am writing this as a tangible reminder to myself to be present right now.

Keeping ourselves 'kept up' can also be hard when the cycle of parenthood can be so scheduled out and crazy (eg. did I even SHOWER today?!?!).  Making sure that we eat right and get enough sleep can be pretty far down on the list of priorities when the demands of the children take up most of our frontal lobe activity at any given moment.  When my children were tiny, my mantra was "as long as everyone is still alive at the end of the day, then it was a success."  I am sure that all the Kinderpack moms and dads can  relate to that sentiment!  This stuff is HARD!

Our whole KCHQ team is proud and honored to help you, in our tiny way, to keep your family circus moving.  We hope that you are able to capture all the memories that you are making this Autumn with your children while you can, without letting the day to day doldrums distract you.  Wear them. Cherish them. The young years go so very quickly.  And as cliche' as it is to say, you really never do get those years back.     



It is too bad that as parents, we can be so scatterbrained and burned out when our children are tiny- it is the nature of the beast.  It makes it that much more important to recognize the 'good stuff.  My husband often gets forlorn when he goes through old pictures of our children, as he focuses on that little child that he will never see again. 

Never. See. Again.  




Then you turn around and they are in high school. Hmmm. How did that happen?!  Watching them grow up can be so bitter sweet, but so dang rewarding to see the amazing person they are becoming.  And I have only experienced this with my first nursling/wearee up to age 15 so far. I can only imagine how I will feel when I see one of my girls walk down the aisle.

But then shortly after that, the circle starts all over and I will have GRANDCHILDREN to Kinderpack around! That will be a joyous day......

much love and respect,